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Exhausts and  Mufflers

As our name suggests, we are experts in exhaust systems and muffler installations for all makes and models. Your exhaust system has a dramatic influence on power and torque, as well as determining the sound produced while driving. If it is worn or damaged, it can rattle or be louder than normal, it can also negatively impact on efficiency and power.

Whether you're after an affordable replacement for the family car, or a custom, hand-made system for the track or off-road, our skilled staff have you covered. We have a range of a reputable exhaust suppliers so that you can be confident we'll find the right exhaust to meet your driving needs and budget.

To arrange a quote on an exhaust for your vehicle, or to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Logbook Servicing

At Hannam Street Mufflers our skilled mechanics can perform your vehicle's routine manufacturer logbook service. Many of our customers are often unaware that they don't have to have their new vehicle serviced at the dealership. We can save you them time and money without voiding their vehicle's warranty by adhering to the manufacturer's service schedule and using OEM parts.

If your vehicle is outside of its warranty period, we also provide minor and major servicing options using quality aftermarket components. To find out more about our vehicle servicing, or to make a booking, contact us today.

Steering & Suspension

Your vehicle's steering and suspension components have a big impact on how comfortably it drives and how it precisely it handles on the road. If you're steering components have worn and loosened, your vehicle's traction can be decreased and it may not handle as the manufacturer intended it to. Worn suspension components result in a harsh or rough driving experience.

We can also install suspension upgrades and lift kits for four-wheel drives. If you'd like to find out more about our steering and suspension repair services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Cooling System Repairs

If your vehicle is overheating, this must be addressed promptly to ensure that no major damage occurs. Your vehicle's cooling system is responsible for maintaining the correct operating temperature for the engine. If it is leaking or not flowing efficiently, your vehicle can overheat resulting in costly repairs.

We can repair and replace a range of cooling system components to get your vehicle running at the right temperature all year round. To find out more about our cooling system repairs, or to make a booking, contact us today.

Brake Repairs

The brakes of your vehicle play an important role in keeping you safe on the road. How effectively they work can largely influence your vehicle's stopping distance in an emergency stop. Worn or faulty braking components should be promptly repaired to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Our mechanics at Hannam Street Mufflers can repair and replace a range of braking components to get your car stopping as the manufacturer intended it to. We only use top quality brake parts to maximise the reliability and durability of all repairs. To find out more about our brake repairs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Accessory Fitting

If your're looking into any accessories for your vehicle, we can supply a range of quality aftermarket brands. Our accessory installations include:

  • Bullbars
  • Towbars
  • Driving lights
  • Snorkels
  • Electric brake units
  • Much more

If you'd like to arrange a quote on any accessories, contact us today.

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